To learn and have fun with

Spanish language and English language

With Maths practice and learn at the same time

What is BoasNotas?

BoasNotas is an online educational platform created by a group of public and private school teachers with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the training of our students.


Access to thousands of exercises with their solutions.
  • Possibility of creating customized groups of students.
  • Assignment of exercises dynamically.
  • Easy to analyze the progress and results at a global or individual level.
  • All exercises are corrected.
  • They can include their own materials.
  • Option to put on exams and show results in excel format..
  • Notification system to ensure no student is unaware of the work assigned to him/her.

Summer books

We have reinforcement notebooks geared towards summer work, or as a reinforcement throughout the academic year. The notebooks can be customized based on the needs of the center. The teacher has access, in real time, to the work done by the student.

Rates for academic centers

Centers can subscribe for a flat rate giving unlimited access to all the benefits, for students, parents or teachers.


Parents have support tools to become actively involved in the education of their children. They can review their child’s academic progress and do the follow-up of the work assigned by the professors. They can assign homework as well and have access to the chat record for primary school students.


They learn dynamically and adaptively depending on their level. They have access to thousands of open exercises. They can collaborate with each other. They get recognition for their effort through a points system.

Do you like chess?

BoasNotas offers you the opportunity to start in the world of chess and practice the logic starting from a mathematical game.


Mathematics allows academic centers to start a project with an English language. The exercises incorporate listening, so that the teacher has a tool that facilitates the practice of and listening to a native pronunciation.